Unique Haldi Jewelry Ideas for Every Bride

Selecting wedding jewelry is a very intricate and important process for the bride, and knowing the trends you like will come in handy when the time comes. Floral jewelry is a trend worth following; the beautiful pressed jewelry pieces make for a great addition to your wedding set providing a fun, refreshing look.

There are so many floral options to explore ranging from all sorts of types of jewelry used in all of the different traditional ceremonies that are held during an Indian wedding.

Floral Necklace 

For a more charismatic look, go with a floral garland of lilies, roses, marigolds, hibiscuses, and other flowers around your neck. The scent is incredible, and floral necklaces provide for a more unique look, as usually brides don diamonds, gold, and other precious stones.

Floral Hair Jewelry

It is already a prominent tradition to wear flowers, such as jasmine flowers, or the offerings in temples, in your hair on special religious occasions for Hindus. Floral hair jewelry is always a gorgeous way to bring fresh flowers to your attire to provide a unique, yet traditional take on the outfit.

Floral Matha Patti

The Matha Patti is a headpiece worn by the bride for her wedding, wrapping around her forehead with a pendant in the middle. Though it is usually worn with intricate gems placed on gold, replacing the piece with flowers brings a fresh, trendy look to it. 

Floral Hathphool

One of the most beautiful pieces of bridal jewelry is the hathphool. It wraps across the bride’s hand with intricate jewels and stones placed on it. A fresh floral hathphool provides a new modern look for the bride, with flowers placed typically at the crook of the fingers and around the hand. It’s also a great idea to look into floral bracelets.

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