How to Match Your Jewelry With Your Bridal Lehenga

Brides on their wedding day simply would not look like brides without the traditional Indian style jewelry that matches bridal lenghas. The jewelry adds an elegant touch to the already extravagant lenghas used in weddings. However, because there are so many different styles, colors, and options out in the market, it can be hard to find the perfect pieces to match with your dress on your special day. Traditional? Modern? Chic or boho? That’s where we come in. Let’s talk about how you can match your jewelry with your bridal lengha.

Building a contrasting ensemble

    Though we want to not go too far as to have the ensemble clash, some contrast is needed to create the fantastic look that will make you the centerpiece of your big day. For example, if your dress is the traditional red, you do not need a red necklace to match. A silver or gold necklace would go just fine with the dress.

    Examine the neckline

      A high neck blouse should pair well with a choker or layered jewelry, and a low, V-neck blouse might go well with a choker, a longer necklace or a combination of the two. A choker can also be used if the blouse is off-the-shoulder, to attract attention. If the blouse has a boat neck, a round “U” shape, then choose similarly round shaped jewelry pieces and long dangling earrings to match. 



      Not into contrast? Matching works just fine too!

        If you can’t figure out how to create an elegant color contrast, bridal jewelry works just as well when it matches. A white and gold lengha matched with a gold piece of jewelry would look stunning. 


        Gold, Gold, Gold!! And, don’t forget the diamonds!

          A classic part of Indian jewelry is the gold. You can never go wrong with gold; it matches with basically anything. It’s perfect for a very traditional look and provides nice contrast with whatever lengha you picked.

          Diamonds are also a classic choice for wedding jewelry, and would go well with all outfit choices. If you want to elevate your look, consider adding some rubies and emeralds into the mix. *Psst… pink outfits go great with emeralds and green outfits go great with rubies!*

          Coordinate colors with other parts of your outfit

            If your lengha is red, but there’s some silver on the border of your dupatta, try finding some beautiful silver pieces to match the outfit. Multi Colored jewelry also matches great!


            Still confused on how to make your jewelry work with your bridal lengha? Reemat Designs is here to help! We create handcrafted statement jewelry, which we can personally help you match with your lenghas. Contact us today for a virtual consultation so we can help you perfectly match your outfit! 

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