Imitation Jewelry Maintenance

Fake jewelry can easily fade and get scratched up, so it’s important to keep it clean for a fresh and sleek look. However, maintaining it can be tough. It’s easy to leave scratches even while cleaning, if not careful. Be sure to follow this guide when cleaning your imitation jewelry.

Steps to maintaining your jewelry properly:

Separate the various types of jewelry

Different types of jewelry must be treated differently- necklaces from rings from earrings. Metals should also be separated so as to not create any discoloration or gems from falling off. This is crucial during the cleaning process, so be sure to first complete this step before even thinking about how to clean everything.

Use a cleaning agent

Water and soap might fight bacteria and viruses, but it’s not enough for the jewelry you’ve worn for years. For artificial jewelry, here are some of our favorites.

  • Lemon: Citric acid is great at removing dirt and grime.

  • White Vinegar: Mix some water into the vinegar and let the jewelry soak for a couple of hours. Use a toothbrush to get any dirt out of the crevices.

  • Mild Shampoo: Baby shampoo, or any mild shampoo is great for cleaning jewelry; just be sure to not use your regular shampoo. It’s especially useful for whitening pearls.

  • Contact Lens Solution: Make sure to dilate this with water and use a soft cloth to wipe your pearls.

Find a cleaning tool

A soft sponge or toothbrush does the trick! Based on the size of your jewelry, gauge what tools you would need- maybe a soft cloth or wet wipes. Make sure to use soft materials only; rough sponges or a normal toothbrush could ruin the paint on your jewelry.


Can I use hairspray, serums, or fragrances to make my jewelry smell and feel good?
Absolutely not. Even when you’re using hairspray or serums on yourself, make sure to remove your jewelry. Residue and chemicals from spraying it on your hair could fall on the earrings creating rust and long lasting damage.

How should I store my jewelry?
Don’t let your jewelry become a tangled mess like your phone chargers. Keep them in separate small bags that will keep them clean and easy to pull out to use next time. For traveling purposes, small bags are easier to pack as well. Different sized boxes are also a great way to keep them from getting tangled and roughed up. 

My fake jewelry is already tarnished. How do I fix it?
Use one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda mixed together in a cup of warm water and pour into a pan lined with aluminum foil. Let your jewelry soak for some time and then rinse with cold water.

For more tips and tricks on how to maintain your purchase from us, feel free to reach out to Reena directly and she can help you! 

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