The Bengali Bride

India is filled with a vast diversity of cultures and regions that each have their own traditions and religious beliefs, ranging from Bengali, Sikh, Telugu, and more. Today, we are going to explore the Bengali bridal traditions and discuss how Bengali jewelry plays a significant role in the wedding ceremony. 


Mukut - The Crown

In Bengali culture, the bride typically wears a golden tiara or crown to signify wealth or prosperity. It provides a royal look as if the bride is a queen.


Tikli - Head Pendant

A tikli rests on the bride’s forehead and compliments the mukut. It is also sometimes attached to the mukut. It acts as a sort of bindi higher up on the forehead, as another center for power in the bride.


Dul, Kaan Bala, Kaan pasha & Jhumko - For The Ears

All four of these are earrings that are adorned on festive occasions as well. The dul covers the entire ear and kaan bala is also in the shape of the year. Meanwhile, the kaan pasha is a large gold stud, and the jhumkas, which everyone knows and loves, are larger, bold dangling ear pieces.


Chic - Choker

The Chic is a large gold choker necklace, varying between 1-1.5 inches in width. With intricate designs, the chic is a stunning piece for any bridal jewelry set.

Sita Haar - Long Necklace

The Sita Haar is a very long gold necklace with a large locket at the end decorated and embellished with stunning floral designs.


Ratanchoor - Hand Ornaments

A ratanchoor is a bracelet that is connected to the fingers by gold chains and floral discs. The elegant piece highlights the bride’s hands.

Chur & Bala - Bangles

A wedding without bangles is not complete. Chur is a large thick bangle worn only on one hand, and usually is passed through generations. Bala is the typical set of two gold bangles worn together.

Nupur - Anklet

Though not essential, the nupur is a great piece to add to your wedding collection. This Bengali jewelry piece is a silver string with stones, but sometimes can be a broader anklet with dangling beads.

Bengali jewelry is representative of years and years of traditions passed down. If you are looking for a more traditional, cultural route to your wedding jewelry, take a peek at these pieces we sell here at ReeMat Designs as well by clicking here.

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