The Modern Bride

Traditional luxurious style jewelry has transformed so much from ancient India to now. Trends are constantly changing, and bride’s attire is always seen as one of the most important parts of a wedding. Much time is spent putting together an absolutely perfect ensemble for the bride, and though we honor the traditions, brides often may opt for a new spin on some of the traditional attire.

Nose Rings

Large nose rings are a huge trend of 2022 so far- one of the most popular, in fact. They give a more regal look to the bride’s outfit, and with a big, bold nath, nose rings provide a great embellished look.




Bridal Waist Belt

To keep the dupatta in place, especially while the bride talks to other guests, wearing a bridal waist belt has become a common trend. The waist belt often matches the other jewelry and outfit the bride is wearing, and is a gorgeous part of the bride’s ensemble.





The trend from Western culture of diamond rings has slowly diffused into India in the form of diamond bangles, necklaces, and more. Brides have massive rings with stunning gems that match with the groom’s ring as well. Gold is not the centerpiece of the rings, which is how Western modern styles have influenced this jewelry.


Bangles are typically made with mostly gold and are incredibly traditional in nature. Now, most brides only wear one or two statement bangles to honor the tradition and focus mostly on other jewelry. Brides also prefer to wear bangles with hath phools, jewelry that wraps around the fingers.



Kaleera attach to the bangles and hang down from them. Each member of the family attaches one ornament for luck and prosperity to the Kaleera, a chandelier-style piece. This piece of jewelry has even been used by famous actresses and is currently a very popular trend.

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