The Sikh Bride

The Sikh Bride is a part of mainly Punjabi culture, which emphasizes bold makeup and heavy jewelry. Their traditions are vast and interesting; for example, the Anand Karaj, the ceremony of joy, is a popular Sikh/Punjabi tradition in which members of the family come together to sing religious songs. When the groom arrives, there is also a Baarat, and a Milni to introduce the two families together. These traditions and more are what make up the beautiful aspects of Sikh weddings, and are appreciated and supplemented with the gorgeous, bold jewelry that brides adorn.

Without further ado, here are the essentials for the jewelry collection of a Sikh bride.


Pajeb are anklets that have bells hanging around it that tinkle whenever the bride walks. Though typically covered by the bride’s extravagant wedding dress, it is very common for a bride to wear pajeb on her wedding day.


Custom-made out of thin gold chains and encrusted with gems, the haathphool runs down the top of the brides hand from between her fingers to her wrist.


A non-negotiable in a Sikh Bride’s jewelry set is the choker- an elegant and striking piece to wear around the neck. It is usually adorned with a long necklace, and is decorated with various gems and precious stones.




Bali is worn by not only Punjabi brides, but also women from all over India. This earring is a bold, crescent shaped piece with stones, gems, and pearls that come together to create an intricately designed look. 





A prime Punjabi/Sikh essential is the kada, a thick gold bangle that is intricately crafted specifically for weddings.


Punjabi brides don’t go without chooda- bold red and ivory bangles worn for 40 days after the wedding. It is recognized in Punjabi culture that red is a lucky color. 


Every Punjabi bride also wears a kaleerin, a floral ornament attached to the chooda on the bride’s hand. They are made from pure gold and complete the bride’s look.



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